1. Can u plz let me know the right way of qulha
  2. I am in love with another man from past 5 yrs, we are in 2 different countries.
  3. I was in doubt about getting divorce while my wife was 4 months pregnant.
  4. Weather this separation is allowed in Islam... because here Wife wants to take divorce where as husband wont`..
  5. I was given talaq on the bases that i got sick after shadi
  6. It`s now five years i`ve got married....though my husband is a noble person but he is indulged in some activities which are prohibited in islam...like he takes drugs
  7. My father have said to my mother that i will give you a divorce twice
  8. If a person has pronounced one talaaq and after some time realized that he has done wrong can he take back his words of saying one talaaq?
  9. I have been married to my lover(girl) secretly without my parents knowledge
  10. I have had ten years of a difficult marriage with a very stubborn and independent `Arab wife, constant fighting and arguing, and numerous incidents involving the police
  11. Muslim sister wants divorce from hindu husband
  12. Women seeks divorce
  13. I am staying in kuwait with my children from past two and half years and my husband was in india but after one and a half year he sent me a paper for divourse
  14. Why are non-muslims brothers not allowed in mecca & madina. This is asked to me by my friend.
  15. I heard that a man can divorce only 3 women in his life. Is that true?
  16. After few minutes, i say again word TALAK 3 times in front of her Parents
  17. I have been married to my husband for eleven years and for the past two years we have been having marital problems.From that time i have been in and out of the marraige since then.
  18. My brother-in-law`s (BIL) (wife`s brother) marriage is in trouble, (Marriage is 2 year old, they now have a baby 8 mnths old).
  19. What is `kafar`aa for Talaaq
  20. I want to ask if a husband without intention of giving divorce but just to fear his wife and her family members if he says that he will give divorce to his wife and if he mailed three times that he wants to give divorce,but didnt used the word "talaaq"

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