Sects in Islam

  1. Which sects to follow: Now i am thinking should i convert to one muslim but i am not sure what it is. Some people call themselves sunni,
  2. Who appointed kholafa rashideen rightly guided khalifahs?
  3. Revert from ahmadi sect.
  4. That donot call yourself Momin,Say that you are muslim.
  5. Different races all from adam.
  6. I would like to know that what is the basis of answering questions?
  7. I am stucked in one of the conceptions. The hadith mentioned hereunder tells us about 73 sects.
  8. I belong to city of hyderabad where you can find many follower of Imam syed Mohd juwanpuri mehdi maud alaih salam.
  9. Who are the kharijites.
  10. Just like christians, Islam also has many sects (i`m suprised). Now if I decided to convert to Islam can you tell me what sect is truly in the straight path.
  11. Brother Burhan, To begin with, I firmly and absolutely believe in the oneness of all the `Ummah` - in it lies the pleasure of Allah and the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
  12. Which sect of seventy three is truth.
  13. Dear brother please do tell me what status do Syeds have in Islam????
  14. Why should we practice such kind of verity of maslak, and what is the main cause for the origin of this kind of rules in Islam?
  15. Is there any caste discrimination in our Islam........... allah hafiz.
  16. Can you please find me verses of the Quran to proof that Sufist do Shirk a sthey beleive that Allah is in everyone
  17. Sufi-ism is the name of a movement or sect of Islam, which was probably started about 700-800 years after the death of the noble Prophet of Allah (saws).
  18. One enters Islam of his own free will, and one leaves Islam of his own free will; neither can one force a person to become a believer
  19. I was just wondering, which sect of Islam do you belong to?
  20. I am teaching in madrasa tus saifya tul burhaniya indore & its really hurts me that all the bohra staff r away from islam (Quran &sunna)

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