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  1. Why muslims did not help Imam Hussain
  2. As salam, Let me ask you two questions; (1) Why Bibi Fatematuj-Zohra, the daughter of the Prophet Mohammad (s.a.) and wife of Ali (a.s.) was badly treated after the death of Rasul (s.a.). She was slapped and injured by the third and she cried for 70 days and died in that shock at the age of only 23 year! Also, Ayesa, the wife of Rasul (s.a.) was not in good terms with Fatema (a.s.), and Ayesa did bring an army of camels to help Moaviyah against Ali (a.s.). Can you draw some more lights on these two personalities. (2) Our Janabs always say that Nabi saheb, Ali, Fatema (p.u. t.) and others were knowing that Imam Hussain (a.s.) is going to be killed in Karbala along with 72 family members and they were reminding these event again and again during their life span. Is there any historical fact of this matter? If it was known to them, why not prevented? One Janab says that to make all Dawoodi Bohras sin-free, Imam Hussain favor Shahadat. Other says that there was too much debt on the head of Rasul (a.s.) of many last Prophets, Rasullah selected Hussain to accept SHAHADAT and clean that debt?
  3. You so solemnly site the Seyedna, as you refer to him, as an intercessor to Allah who has committed shirk in your eyes. And thus you prefer to claim his invocation to Allah (vasila) as valueless. I ask you then two questions, hoping for an answer; what then was the miracle of Imam Hussain at a tender age when he sweetly invoked upon the Almighty Allah to grant seven children to the man who approached Rasulullah for blessings and prayer for a child? You have clearly made claim that no one and no body can translate or explain the quran, its meaning is transient with the virtue of its language and the chosen form of its publication to believers, as the book, how do you so boldly quote translations from it and claim that a 90 year old pontiff who has memorised it has no right nor claim to preach or make clear in terms of the context what the quran is revealing to people on earth? Kindly answer the questions raised
  4. Will you please send teh details of Moulana Ali`s (son in law of the Holy Prophet SAW) personal life - names of all his wives, children, etc.
  5. Marriage of Imam Hussains daughter
  6. Miracle of Hadrat Husain
  7. Misquoting Prophet: Crying on Hussain
  8. Assalm alykum It is my first visit to your web site, I just found a link to your web site today. What is your opinion of the crime of killing Imam Husserin by Yazeed? Some of the historian and especially the extermist Sunni say that he was ( Kharij) and did not folow the order of Imam Yazeed and we all know how dirty Yazeed was.
  9. The Miracles of Imam Husain.
  10. Contribution of martyrdom of Husain (r.a).

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