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  1. Tarawih Prayer a Nafl or Sunnah
  2. If races abolished how come quraish leaders by Prophet Mohamed
  3. Are Arabs superior race?
  4. Ahle Sunnah, Ahle hadith, barelvi, devbhandi
  5. Are Shias Kafir?
  6. Muslim burial in any other graveyard
  7. Many many thanks to the answers to my various questions which I have understood very very clearly, but judging from the answers given by you or for that matter as portrayed by Allah and the Prophet (saws) as you say,then it would become difficult for an individual to live alone, separate from the family and specially the community as a whole, to ensure he/she follows exactly what you explain. Thus, the person will be completely isolated from the rest and everyone, so how would he/she live alone in this world? because everybody have their own community and religion to follow, including the Muslims, and one or a few individuals have no place in this world. Can you pls explain how could one isolate himself and stay alone and follow exactly Allah`s guidance and to keep on the Siraat-ul-Mustaqeem (the Straight- Path of Islam) and in the event of one`s marriage and burial who on this earth will assist or help? because the person won`t be recognised of any community or will be having any friends for that matter. This is serious and I want an authentic answer to my above question.
  8. So many sects claiming to be truthful
  9. So then we go to hajj-umrah, all the piligrims bow , do sajdah in front of holy prophets(saws) tomb, prophets daughter tomb.
  10. Why are there different races if all are from Adam?
  11. It is your site that originally gave me the courage to put into action belifs I always had but was afraid or too lazy to practice
  12. Assalamalekum Mr Burhan if you r a dawoodi bohra and pointing out the shortcomings of our community then you are doing some thing which many,many of our community people want to do but they are not able to do it because they are scared that they will be penalised as "salaam band"by amil saheb.i appreciate your efforts and wish you all the success.
  13. Who are the Ummah of the Prophet (saws)?
  14. Which firqah do you follow?
  15. Dawoodi bohras are like any other community
  16. Right to practice Islam but dont get personal
  17. Bohra leadership falsehoods
  18. Shia or Sunni site
  19. Bohras different from Muslims
  20. What is Dawoodibohra?

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