Understanding Quran

  1. Bohra sect not allowed to understand the Quran
  2. Different Qur'an recitation / dialects
  3. So you have finally revealed that you have been completely and thoroughly brainwashed by the Wahabi jamaat. You have left a jamaat that loves Allah, His Prophet(pbu), and Ahle-bait and follows the true course perscribed in Quran. You now have embarced a jamaat that has nothing but hatred toward Panjetan pak and Ahle-bait. We read and understand Quran that you never will, because you have been blinded by hate of Rasool-ul-allah(pbu) and ahle-bait. People like you have come and gone, who for centuries have tried to spread lies about what we believe in. We have prevailed, the reason being is that truth always prevails. Wahabis that you follow, because of their hate of Panjetan Pak destroyed and desecrated the graves of Fatema and Husain. I pray to Allah that those who are reponsible for this act, or in anyway associated with these people and follow their beleifs in any way, may burn in hell fire on this earth and in jahannum. You have said things that have hurt my feelings but have not shaken my faith. As a matter of fact with each email you send me it strengthens my belief in Aqa Moula(tus). Allah warns about people like you in the Quran itself. For the sufferings endured by Panjatan Pak from people like you, May Allah Taala provide you and those you follow with the taste of those sufferings very soon with extreme humiliation and hardship.
  4. Understand Islam without understanding Quran
  5. Read surah baqarah in house
  6. Difference between legal and real muslims
  7. Islamic quiz questions.
  8. Texting quran aayahs.
  9. Rewards of reciting particular surahs.
  10. Reward for reciting zilzalah.
  11. Reciting Surah Dukhan on fridays.
  12. When was Quran created.
  13. Quran verses for Allah is creator of all things.
  14. Surah mulk torture in grave.
  15. Who is the first hafiz Quran.
  16. Rizk sustenance only from Allah.
  17. Specialty of surah maryam.
  18. Faal from quran.
  19. How to prove quran is authentic.
  20. Why does Allah seal some hearts.

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