Understanding Quran

  1. Quran tells about everything.
  2. Fulfill only obligatory deeds.
  3. We are not bothered of the wrong information given by you.I dont know why idiots MUNAFIKS like you want to pork your dirty nose(stinky too). YOU PEST think that in the name of quran you may make the mumeneen gumrah ! STUPID that`s wrong thinking ILM is such a thing that in hands of good is benefecial and in when in hands of bad and evil (LIKE YOU) TURNS TO BE BLACK ILM which aims only destruction! IF YOU NEED MORE BADWORDS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RE-WRITE I HAVE OCEANS FOR YOU !!!!!
  4. I would like to ask that why Sunni Jamath sent salawat to only Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.S.) and why Shi'as they sent salawat to Prophet and as well as His Aal (Progeny)?
  5. Preference to marry single then matron.
  6. How Was hawwa created.
  7. Too late to learn Quran
  8. Mr. Dodi Bha.... since you are a mortal human who can make mistakes, you don`t have any right to interpret what quran is saying... it is only those who are made "Maasoom" by God, who can do so... otherwise there would be a lot of your kind around claiming to be the prophet.. Let`s have a deal you tell me where you live and I`ll come to your place and will have a discussion about your disbelieves... You are simply pathetic...
  9. This is regarding importance and fazilat of surah Yasin of Holy Qur'an.
  10. What does islam say about placing something on the holy book, the Qura'an.?
  11. Quran guidance for muttaqeen.
  12. Questions from quran.
  13. Would you please describe me the things comes under SHAERALLAH.
  14. Recently i came to know that in Quran, the punctuation marks (zer, zabar, tashdeed etc) were added after the death of Allah`s Messenger(PBUH).
  15. I want to finish Quran in the month of ramzaan,but when i recite it silently for more than 30mins i begin to feel sleepy and i stop reciting it.
  16. I have heard that only tilawating Quran without understanding is of no benefit.
  17. The Quran says mushriks impure najis.
  18. Acquire religious knowledge obligatory.
  19. Kursi here means chair or footstool and not Throne.
  20. Conceal knowledge.

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