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  1. Our mails are confidential.
  2. I am a true Dawoodi Bohra. What makes me a Bohra is that I believe in Dawaat. What makes a true Dawoodi Bohar is that I believe that the Dia should be accountable, not exhort money, not oppress, allow discussion and free speech and be the SERVANT of the Bohra Community, not its master and oppressor. I believe that the Dia is only a care taker of the community until the true Imam shows himself. I want to know who you are. Are you a Bohra? Do you believe in Dawaat. Do you believe in openess and accountability of the Dia. I want to be sure that the Sabbaks you post on the internet do not come from a corrupt source. I also want to know that they come from someone who has courage to be open and frank and fears no one but Allah. So my question is, who are you exactly?
  3. What are our sources?
  4. Genuine concern for propagations of Islam
  5. Site genuine or not.
  6. Sister wishes to help.
  7. Hate mail stop preaching.
  8. Translate tamil copyright.
  9. Who pays for the maintainence of this site and do you get paid by any one/sect for doing this work?
  10. What madhab do we follow.
  11. Now my instinct says that you are one of progressive bohra group or some atheist who is born bohra.
  12. What is the time between asking the question and receiving the answer.
  13. I just want to inform you that i use your pages to answer them.i copy,paste ur answers and give them as my answers.
  14. Are the addresses of subscribers kept confidential?
  15. Does this websites is of Salfis?
  16. I have enjoyed reading your emails, and can see quite clearly why many people find the answers they seek in the Quran.
  17. I just finished reading a lot of love and hate mails in "about the authour" and i must say i was shocked
  18. I m asking dis, bcoz, in dis wolrd i dont even get time 2 recite quaran daily,
  19. Can you please tell us a little about your Islamic education.Have you gone to Islamic schools to become a scholar and if so, which school?
  20. Questions making fun of forum

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