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Wister is an Islamic Search Engine where you can search Islamic Questions and Answers, Quran Verses, Quran Tafsir (Notes), Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim hadiths. You can also read the online English translation of Quran, Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim hadith. We are trying hard to include Arabic text of Quran with the English transliteration.

We will include Islamic books and videos as soon as possible. Our aim is to shed light on the required information to clear all possible doubts. We aim to provide authentic information, so we verify the information first before uploading it to Wister.

Question and Answers (Q&A):

We have added the content of Q&A from Islamhelpline.net forum. You can find convincing answers on almost all the topics about Islam. Islamhelpline.net has included more than 100 topics and constitute a collection of more than 9000 valuable Q&A.

You can browse these Q&A directly on islamhelpline.net and you can also ask as many questions as you want. But our advice to our brother and sisters is, before asking any question, try to find out if somebody has already asked the same question on Wister. We are sure most of the questions are already asked in which case it is going to save you the trouble of going through the whole process of searching and typing down the question. Thus, the Wister search has been developed to foster convenience to our brothers and sisters so that they may be able to satisfy their queries in the most easiest way possible.

For more details about islamhelpline visit islamhelpline.net

Click here to read about author of islamhelpline

Masha-Allah these brothers are doing a great job. May Allah reward them in this life as well as hereafter.


In addition to the above sections, we have added Yusuf Ali's English translation with tafseer (notes) and this content is also available for search. We are also working towards the inclusion of English transliteration for search.

Next, we have developed a separate application through which you can read English translation of Quran online. User can also switch to full keyboard supported application version. You can use this application by keyboard without touching the mouse.


We have included only Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim hadith for search. And we have created separate applications to read these hadiths online. Same as Quran application, users can switch full keyboard supported application version.

We intend, Insha-Allah to include other hadiths too in near future.


We have included only few sample videos currently. But our target is to include Peace TV videos along with other Islamic videos, if possible.


We have included some books, but Insha-Allah you will find more books very soon.

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