Divorce by woman (Khula)

  1. Forced to sign khula.
  2. When does iddah for khula divorce start.
  3. Why women not allowed to declare divorce.
  4. I only signed the stamp paper on which the divorce was witten but i didnt say the divorce through my tounge question 2 is this khula done or not?
  5. Can woman initiate divorce.
  6. Can you explain how the Khula procedure is done?
  7. Suppose a muslim wife go in court to trial her husband.
  8. I got married with a man who is already married with another one,when i decided to marry him he told me lie.
  9. I got married 2 years ago then due to some family problems from my wife family they start asking me for divorce but i didnt give divorce to my wife she and her family lived in america and at that time i was living in Pakistan, then she get a lawyer and file the divorce in family court in america well in the mean time i left pakistan and went to uk and start living their but after two month i had heared that she is getting married and send me divorce by a family count of america, now i want to know what i should do now.
  10. On what conditions can wife take khula divorce.
  11. If a girl seeks Khulla before the Ruksati takes place, what is the procedure to be adopted as per Sharia. Is it Ok if the girl gives in writing to the boy that she would like seek Khulla from him mentioning a specific reason, and the boy agrees to it by signing on the same paper mentioning that he accepts her request for Khulla from a particular date. Other then the above is there any legal procedure to be adopted in this connection.
  12. MY wife during a quarrals swore not to see me and if (husband) would try to meet her.
  13. Blackmailed to marry cousin when I love someone else.
  14. Can woman divorce a man
  15. I have been lied from the beginning of my marriage
  16. Khula valid
  17. Getting back during iddah of khula: Ibn Katheer (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: There is unanimous agreement that the man who has divorced his wife by khula may take her back during the iddah. [Tafseer Ibn Katheer, 1/277]

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