Non-Muslims Questions

  1. Muslims are well wishers of all humanity.
  2. Can disbelievers enter a masjid or prayer room.
  3. Jesus Son of Mary Will Judge MAnkind.
  4. One of my friend, she is non-muslim and she fasts whole the month of Ramadan.
  5. I am a Roman Catholic Christian by birth.
  6. Recently when I travelled to the Maldives , the customs people did not allow me to carry my Bible or prayer book (Christian) rosary(prayer beads) into the country. You sat that Islam is a tolerant religion therefore please explain.
  7. My parents in-law are non-muslims (Hindu).
  8. Can we say or call a non-muslim as Kafar.
  9. It is said that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. All the followers believe that it is the one true religion. In countries where Islam is not the main religion like the U.K , India, USA etc Muslims are allowed to freely practice their religion- call to prayer, festivals, mosques etc. They want secularism.There is even a mosque in Rome!! How is that then in a country which has Islam as the main religion they do not pemit other religions to follow their own religion like building of temples,holding church services? Secularism is not encouraged?
  10. I grow in a very Devoted Roman Catholic family but I always have a doubt in my hearth.
  11. Sir i was confused because non-muslims will be generally sexually impure as they do not perform gusl. So can they be allowed to enter the mosques?
  12. U donot have a right what the other people do u cannot ask even u understand allah have not give u rights to tell whatever u want.
  13. A non muslim guest (not so close friend) requested to visit my place and stay for 7 days, which I could not refuse.
  14. I have been taught that the Quran advises all Muslims to be tolerant of all other humans.
  15. When a Muslim dies there jinasa is read which enables the angels to take the soul
  16. I am extremely interested to study this religion.
  17. Can we greet non-muslims on their festivals
  18. I recently moved from Sydney to Melbourne and before getting my first pay earned in Melbourne into my account I decided to give a part of my first earning as charity
  19. I have 1 question that was asked to me by an Atheist.
  20. Can somebody plz help me to find the good books that explains the difference between Islam and Christanity?

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