Christians and Jews (People of the Book)

  1. Christian reverted
  2. Christian enquiry in Quran
  3. Could you please tell about this revelation, when was it revealed and whether the follower of this revelation still persist on earth.
  4. I would like to know whether 'Bani Israel' (known as Jews) are the beloved human beings of Allah (SWT) even today?
  5. Whom do jews worship.
  6. Christians marry and wife converts to Islam
  7. Three major religions
  8. A non muslim brother argues that it is told in Quran that all previous books are safe guarded by the God and muslims argument of corruption.
  9. In Surah Tauba mention that Jews beleives that Hazrat Uzair (PBUH) was a son of Allah ?
  10. I`m just thinking of the speech recently delivered by the so called `His Highness`,the top man in the World of the Christian community.
  11. What is this? Is and a book and where will i get to read it?
  12. My son wants to get married to a Christian woman.
  13. Saying Salaam is the thing that Jews hate the most
  14. Why Jews and Muslims are enemies?
  15. I read that Muslims can get married to jews and christians...
  16. A few JEWS ("Yahudi" we call in Malaysia) came to Rasulullah saw and ask: " Hai father of Qasim, we like to asked you 5 things
  17. Im Muslim from Tunisia but i live in Europe i`m married to Europian girl, she belive that there is only 1 god and belive in christ
  18. Could you clarify the following verses from the Quran where the Christians and Jews are said to have been transformed into apes and swine ?
  19. I am currently a christian, but my intention is to convert to Islam
  20. I want to convence one of my Christians friends about Islam

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