Companions of the Prophet

  1. Why companions chose Amir
  2. Umar refused pen and paper
  3. Who is the closest Companion?
  4. Who and what are the ashara mubashireen ten.
  5. I just wanna HAWALA of the hadith in which it is told that Awais Qarni broke his teeth when he heard about the lost tooth of hazrat Muhammad. Is this hadith authentic??? Can u plz help me.
  6. Which companion was chief of persians.
  7. May Allah`s wrath be upon you and Abu Hurairah (the father of kitten) for attributing lies to the Holy Prophet.
  8. Who use to write the Wahi (Revelations) during the time of Prophet Muhammed SAW.Kindly give the names of Sahaba`s who use to write the Wahi (Revelations).
  9. I have just a small objection to make that you have not used (r.a) for Hazrat Ayesha (r.a) and Hazrat Amir Muawiya (r.a) how disputed his personality may be he was companion of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
  10. I want to ask a question that some people cursing the Companion of Beloved Prophet
  11. I heard a few sayings of Hazrat Ali...I wanted to ask you whether they are authentic or not..."
  12. Hazraths Abu Bakr and Umar (PBUT) were, at the time of the prophet`s death, in `Saqeefah
  13. Im living with my husbands parents and sisters in a joint family. During my tenure of 1.6 years Im happy about my achievement of following ISLAM and about my husband`s family for all their continuous support and everything except when I come to cleanliness.
  14. La'natollah Ala Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman the puppets of Satan, rather the teachers of Satan...
  15. Salam,can we say lanat on the first converts of islam i.e abubaker,usman
  16. Can you tell me name of any sahaba who converted from judaism
  17. For Instance We take the examples of Sahabas following the way of prophet but I have found some instances where the Khalifa Hazrat Umar did not follow according to the commandment of the prophet(SAW) and quran
  18. Umar and Khalid bin Waleed
  19. Slander on Hadrat Aisha
  20. Who was Shoaib Romi?

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