Sajdah in Islam

  1. Nothing wrong in doing Sajdah
  2. What is Sajdah?
  3. Yusuf ( AS) succeeded the throne after the toil and trial that he went through with the queen`s accusation.His brothers who had deserted him in the jungles were brought to him by Allah`s command. When they recognised Yusuf (AS),then with guilt and shame they prostrated Yusuf (AS) in order that he pardons them. Later when Yusuf (AS) father learnt about the whole story and that Allah had chosen his son as prophet then he too fell in sajda to Yusuf (AS) with due respect. When Allah declares that a father prostrates his son, then don't you think that there is nothing wrong in our sajda to bawa saheb.It only spells our gratitude and respect for him.The sajda is no way an ibadat or worship.
  4. You stupids dont know what is sajdah and who were the actual angels,metioned in Quran if you will know that,you won't lift your head from the sajdah offered to syedna tus may allah give you taufiq or send you to hell
  5. Assalamu aleykum am muslim youth who live in holland n wanna know how to perform (SUJUDU TILAWA) prosteration when reading the HOLLY QURAAN.
  6. If you are a follower in a Jama'at, and you hear the Imam making a mistake
  7. While reciting Quran we are supposed to BOW,prostrate,perform Sajda in some chapters/Ayats/Sura.
  8. My question today is about Sajda-e-Talawat.
  9. If one fears any mischief from the evil Jinns, all one needs to do is follow the example of the Prophet (saws) and recite the Muawidaat.
  10. What Sajadah Suhoo is & how is it performed?
  13. Can one prostrate to Parents
  14. Islam bans practice of idol worship ,so do u think that we bohris do sajdah to our dai and go to thier turbats and perform sajdah to them
  15. Sajdah-e-Tilawat: The difference between sajdah-tilaawah and the sajdah of prayer
  16. How is sijda sahu performed? If we make a mistake during prayer,what is the exact way to perform this sijda, when should it be performed and how many times?
  17. I think you are making too much of this. No Bohra ever thinks that Sayedna is Allah and that kadambosi is an act of `sajda`. It is kissing of feet and bowing in respect. You may wish to interpret this act of Bohras as shirk, but that is only your opinion.
  18. Sajdah of Shukr
  19. Sajdah to Kaaba
  20. What to do if we come across Sajdah Aayahs while traveling?

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