Sins-Illegal sex

  1. I masturbate and then i repent and masturbate again will allah forgive me?
  2. Repentence for asking for an oral sex: I hava committed a great sin and now i am repenting. I want to make tawbah. Please show me the correct ways :-When I was probably 17-18, a female servant of 12-13 yrs used to work at our house. Oneday nobody was at home and i asked her for oral sex. At first, she behaved that she didnot hear anything.Later i again asked her and she gave me. I ejaculated in her mouth. Later she told it to my mom. My mother dismissed her to protect her from me. When she returned to her loocality, she, she disclosed this matter. Then my family probably settled the issue by giving her family some money(I am not sure about that). Nothing harm was done to her family.Now I am repenting very much. It is haunting me. I want to make tawbah. Is it a must for me to seek her forgiveness? I am ashamed and i want to say sorry to her, but if i put up the issue again infront of my family, they will be annoyed and it will be disrepectful for them. i donot want to disrespect them anymore. Moreover,some of my brothers are married and i don't want that their wives also know about that. But i want to make tawbah.Will it be okay if i -1. Repent on it deeply.2. Strictly , try not to be involved in such sin again?Please let me know.
  3. Punishment for fornication zina surah noor.
  4. One more we didnt do any Nikaah ( religious wedding , though i insist a lot about this issue and he doesnt want to have any kids with me ).
  5. Perpetual zina.
  6. Child resulting from zina.
  7. Recently my wife fell in love with non Muslim boy who is 10years younger than her and had sex with him.
  8. I trusted the girl and married her and now i feel ashamed to tell my wife as my wife.
  9. What is the best advise you can give me to save my marriage from going down?
  10. Wife and Brother in law relationship
  11. Help me plz
  12. Wife having sex with Husband close friend

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