1. Raza
  2. The mojiza of galiakot.
  3. Concept of raza or permission in bohra.
  4. Dai is a self-proclaimed leader
  5. An argument that I heard from a Bohra friend of Mine. He says " That Syedna= RasoolAllah" Further clarifying his statement he meant that Syedna is just like RasoolAllah" Kindly clarify this as this Statment has mad me go Insane
  6. If you are a bohri i want to know what steps have you taken to create awarwness amongst the wrong believes the bohras have?
  7. You have stopped following our beloved AQA MOULA (TUS) and you have started following Quran Sharif on your own and through some translations
  8. Can Syedna get entry to paradise?
  9. Various Questions on Adoption,Prawns makrooh,Bohra prayers,Message to convey all people, fate and destiny,etc
  10. My question is people says bohra are not true muslim as they say after our beloved prophet peace mercy and blessings be upon him one more prophet is coming
  11. I would like to also tell u that if u hv fear for fire on the day of Judgement start worshiping Syedna because his worship is worshiping Allah.
  12. How much time have you spent with the Syedna(tus) one on one
  13. Miracles of Syedna
  14. Miracles of Syedna
  15. Details about Syedna
  16. Who is Syedna Mohamed Burhanuddin?
  17. Following Syedna does not mean worshipping him
  18. I am a follower of Dawoodi Bohra and believe in Syedna`s guidance. I just have a simple question to ask and will hope that the answer will be provided in the guidance of Quran and Sunnah. As a strong follower of Quran and Sunnah, you claim that whoever follows the leader of Dawoodi Bohra (Syedna) are misguided and will be punished by the Allah. I agree that I don`t know much Quran, and can`t challange you, but syedna, I hope you would agree that himself is "Hafiz-Ul-Quran and understand the Quran completely with all meanings and translations. If he (Syenda) leads us to the wrong path then obviously he is also taking himself to the wrong path as well. If we (followers) leading ourselves to the wrong path, then he (Syenda) as a leader, ofcourse is leading himself to the wrong path also. Why would Syedna do that with all the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah?
  19. Respect for Syed family
  20. Prosperous Bohra community under Syedna

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