1. Working in music dance academy.
  2. Work in films.
  3. Work in auto industry.
  4. I am working in hotel industry where by as the nature of hospitality we have bar in the hotel where by we received our salary from the hotel is it haram?
  5. Cannot find the job, is this test from Allah?
  6. Cannot find the job, is this test from Allah?: A.S. I have recently lost most my Job and I was feeling depressed about it because of the length of time it is taking so far to obtain a new one? I have thoughts keep popping up of not being able to cover my expenses to look after my family and sometimes resentment. My question is please explain from the guidance of the Holy Quran and examples of noble prophets, how should we as Muslims deal with it; should I just be patient and accept I am being tested and is part of my destiny? Many thanks and pray to Allah for great rewards for your tremendous work.
  7. Working where alcohol is sold
  8. Is this bribe? and is it allowed in Islam?
  9. Is my salary Halal Or Haram
  10. Working in a collection agency
  11. Submitting Photos for job: As Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. My qestion is : most of the times we need to submit our passport size photos if we are applying for any jobs or any other works. but my problem is i am wearing niqaab, can take picture from my cam but it is allowed that other male person can see my picture ? 1. if it is allowed explain how? And is it also allowed that any of a male member can see my face, if am going to attend the written exam for the applied post as without seeing my face they would not allow me to sit in the written exams. 2. if not, plz give me explanations from Quran and Hadees. Plz reply me before 10 th of nov, 2011. As i am applyng for a new job and I am totally confused regarding this. your sister.

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