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  1. How to change madhab?
  2. Mehdi sect of Islam
  3. Shia-sunni conflict
  4. Difference between sunni and bohras
  5. Turbah / Turbat or Khaq-a-sifa: I know some Muslims (mostly) Shias put a stone on their Masalla where the head falls. I think they call it Turbat or Khaq-a-sifa - what is this and can you help me proof to them that it is a Bidaah.
  6. Difference between Sunni and Shia
  7. Madhabs in Islam
  8. AOA! hello sir, it was nice to get an informative mail from u. i am here with a question that is a natural issue. My question is related to my friend. He is Ahamdi. I use to listen tht qadianee and ahamdee have different Kalima. different thoughts beside islam. they are against the holly prophet(pbuh). and so so. but believe me i could not find anything different in him, his views, his family..even his younger sister she is only of 5 years old, recite same kalima as we ppl do. everthing is same to us. Okie i think that they recite kalima to impress us. but a little child a follower and new ppl which are ingulfing and entering in their sectors are not children. how can u follow tht thing which was sell by saying different quality but when u buy it., the seller describe tht no, it has different quality. r u getting me na. but the thing which is retarding me is that why we r against them , why we think tht they r non muslim. even we know tht if we want to define muslim in only one sentence then ....the man who accept kalima and never put any addition or reduction in it. u can revive the incident of a Sahabi(raa) when in a battle he defeated a kafir and when he tried to kill him the kaafir recited kalima, but tht Sahabi(ra) killed him, but holy Prophet (pbuh) did not like it. u rem it...okie if still we think tht they are non muslim, whts abt shiah ..they have even different kalima...okie...these r the things which my friend ask me and i could not give answer for i am realy inspired by them and haan...they have only one thing different ..tht they believed tht hazrat Eisa (as)has been died. and they prove it from advise me and tell me abt the fact. i m keenly waiting for ur reply okie.. AH a worried muslim Annas...
  9. Islam /shia views
  10. Aga Khanis muslims or not?
  11. Shia/Sunni dispute
  12. Are Ahmadi non-muslims?
  13. Call ourselves Muslims
  14. You wrote: "How clear is the above aayah of the Holy Quran! The people who invoke or call these Maulas, and Auliyaas, and graves of their pious holy men of days gone by, know that these people cannot actually give them anything. They assume that by invoking these names, they will get closer to Allah! This is precisely what Allah terms 'shirk'. " This is what you are misunderstanding. When people go to graves of pious people, they are asking them for shafat, to plead to Allah ta`Ala for them. You have to keep in mind who is being requested and from Whom is the request. These pious people have no power over the commandment of Allah. But because of their iklaas and iman in this life toward Allah, Allah would be more receptive for their pleas for another person for help from Allah. This is by no ways shirk as the Quran eludes to. Your statement that the pious ones cannot help you from the grave is utterly incorrect. If that were the case...then what is the point of saying salams on them? You would be saying "assalamu alaykum" to a dead body that can neither hear you or understand you. This concept of the grave that you promote is wrong. For the term shafat, the word intercessor is not a correct term. Intercessors (mainly because of it`s use by christians) insinuates that the intercessor has some command from or of Allah. In the case of shafat by a pious person, the pious person makes the request...but it is still Allah ta`Ala that gives His rahmat or not. You are incorrect in your reference to the duas of others by the Panjatan Pak. They made it a habit (as Rasullah did) of asking dua for those less fortunate. Imam Zaynul Abidin has over 20 supplications in Sahifa Sajjidiyah asking help from Allah for others (be they parents, the poor, etc). When one invokes someones assistance (such as Maulana Ali), the person is asking them to ask Allah for assistance and the Allah will accept their shafat more readily than the person themselves. You may say "why not just ask Allah". Allah gives rahmat to whom He pleases. This is His hikmah. It is assumed He would not refuse a dua from a person such as Maula Ali, Hasan, Husayn, etc. Now if a person does outside this...then it would be a issue of shirk.
  15. One Allah, One Rasul and One Quran
  16. Ahmadiya Sect
  17. The overall impression gathered from your msgs is that you are propagating a line of approach that is "sunni" in character and not "shia" in character which we dawoodi bohras belong. would request you to pls clarify.
  18. On what basis do you calim that Bohra Community is wrong?
  19. Is the Sunni sect false?
  20. Which Madhab to follow?

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