Sects in Islam

  1. I am very much confused regarding the Ahmedis
  2. In general everyday actions, can you mix madhabs? i.e. follow Hanafi fiqh in some instances and Sha'afi Fiqh in others?
  3. Kindly elaborate the differences between Qadianis and muslims.
  4. We are all muslims MASHA ALLAH. but there are several firqas and only because of this i want to you which Firqa you belong to?
  5. I would like to know what truth is there in the Imam-e-zaman
  6. I often go into Jam`aat for 2-3 days with some (Hanafee) brothers, although they are very pious and very frinedly
  7. One claims to be a Siah Moslem,one Sunny,one Ahmadi & so on.
  8. Who are this SYED are they realy from Prophet (Pbuh) Descendents. Why Zakt should not be given to them.How ever poor they are.
  9. Who are the Wahhabis?
  10. Seeking guidance to help ourselves and others who are misguided in our community
  11. Tell me Directly what you think about the term `Whabisim` -- and what you think about the late Shakh Muhammad Ibn Abdel Wahhab (Rahmalal Allaah).
  12. Accept four Imam's Madhab compulsory or not compulsory?
  13. ..."It does not behove and befit a true believer, who sincerely believes in Allah and the Last Day, to belong to any self-invented and man-made sect
  14. I have recently found a website very similer-and perhaps as good as this website:
  15. I am a follower of Islam and i am proud to be a Muslim and a follower of Dawwodi Bohra sect. I have been a constant observer of all your replies but friend i feel that when we are being cornered around the world as terrorists
  16. Can one say salaams to Ahmadis and eat their food
  17. There is an hadith that there will be 73 sects of Islam and out of 73 sects one sect will be in true path and rest of the 72 sects will be in wrong path. Could you please enlight on this because all sects are claiming that they are in right path.
  18. Me what is the sect meaning wahaabi hanifi, shafi, maaliki, humbillee. shiate, sunni,bohra. is it o.k if do not follow these sects
  19. Have heard a Hadeeth, which means that there are 75 groups in Judaism; 74 groups in Christianity; and there are 73 groups in Islam; there is only one group of Muslims out of 73 groups will go to Paradise, because these Muslims are on the right path.
  20. Did God mention that there will be 72 firqas before the doomsday?

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