Sects in Islam

  1. I am bohri, I need one clarification, we do matam during Moharram & same is not done by Sunni, Who is correct?
  2. Division in societies
  3. Is it true that if one is from Syeds` family he would be shown more mercy than that of a simple muslim
  4. I am working as a teacher in the bohra institution ( msb institution )
  5. I want to know that we have so many firkahs in our religion like Shia & Sunni, Wahabism, Ihlay Hadees & Ihlay Sunnah.
  6. I wanted to also know one more thing that getting married to a bohri boy who is not into shirk is it halaal
  7. A number of my friends and relatives are Ahmedis. They attend the retual of Annual Jalsa.
  8. I am Alahamdulillah, a muslm by birth. I belonged to the Ismaili community
  9. We were denied access to your mosque in nairobi
  10. If we give more wajebat ,will my bussiness improve
  11. This Mullah is a son of Chicago Jamaat Bhaisaheb. Our Bhaisaheb makes about $105,000 dollars salary + free house + salaams etc
  12. What sect our prophet s a w belonged and do we need to have a sect
  13. I am a bohri revert an i am praticing Islam
  14. I would simply like to ask whether the "Bohri" sect of followers considered Muslims?
  15. I have a question on the lineage of Sayeds
  16. The following are some of the official beliefs propagated by Mr. Ashiq H. Hussain of the Aga Khan Federal Council (AKFC). Please read their beliefs yourself, compare it with the guidance and teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, and decide for yourself if the Aga Khanis are good examples of Islam or not!
  17. What is the difference between a sunni muslim and a shiah muslim?
  18. Could you pls. explain the difference between the azaan of shias and sunna.
  19. ...than please answer why has Allah let the Bohra Community and its leadership to practise what you term as shirk & bidaa to go on for centuries and centuries
  20. The brother asked you in Question No.3100 about the Ismaili Sect.

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