1. . I was involved in a relationship with a girl named "H" which was over 2 years back, presently I am married with another one and I am happy. today I dont know what made me tell three times the word of talaq to my previous girl friend
  2. Some schools of thought say uttering talaaq 3 times in one go nullifies the marraige
  3. 1. There is iddah period when there a divore intended. But do you really think people follow it, because wife and husband thinks of divorce when differences crop between them and when they will not be able to stay together.
  4. I am resident of india and we have very strong belief in three tallaqs at one time
  5. I am a Sunni muslim. Can I divorce a Shia wife and what is the procedure for it please.
  6. Is Divorce Permissible
  7. When Khula becomes invalid?
  8. Dear brother i just wanted to know that can a muslim man divorce his pregnant wife?waiting for reply
  9. Dear Burhan..! Asak..! I juzz wanted to no the detailz abt divorce..all I want 2 no dat is it enuff repeating orally "Divorce"thrice.... n if a man divorces his wife ..is it true that there shd b a witness.. if yes.. how many people will do..n when can de woman remarry.. after divorce n wat is she supposed to do in between..n wat iz de man supposed to do when he divorces his wife. thanx a lot
  10. Husband left for another woman
  11. Man divorce custody
  12. Divorce allowed or not
  13. Women divorce rights
  14. Why only man has power to divorce?
  15. How to give proper divorce?
  16. Is divorce permissible in Islam?
  17. Give divorces and wish to take wife back
  18. Divorce against wishes
  19. Custody of children divorce
  20. Sister seeking divorce

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