1. My question is if a husband tells her wife, if you go to so and so place it will be a divorce.
  2. Is Khula will performed without husband acceptance?
  3. If a man divorces his wive using only one talaaq, can he take her back as his wive after 9 months.
  4. This is my 2nd marriage & i am not feeling very happy with it.
  5. My friend didn't say to his wife that you are divorced.
  6. Is it legal in Islam that a man can engage in a marriage with prior "intention for Divorce".
  7. Does she divorce him, What`s she supposed to do Islamically?
  8. What should i do and what are the rules in islam for the custody of the child after the divorce, i have already given her one divorce.
  9. Husband wants to divorce wife after getting green card?
  10. Now when the time to divorce , nothing of the above required.. can u explain whats the hikmah behind this ?
  11. (Questin No.6498)As my husband get married second time without telling me, i asked for divorce, after like 2 years of my marrige this happened.
  12. Can a women divorce her husband while she is pregnant????????
  13. "I have a wife whom my mother commands me to divorce,".
  14. Divorce and threat to kill.
  15. Divorce revenge break relation.
  16. Upon my wifes request i made a promise that while in a state of anger i will not use foul language, hit her or hit myself.
  17. Revocable divorce.
  19. Three divorce remarry after sexual.
  20. Some people have said that i have signed the papers or given talaq in written and verbally 1 time soits called final divorce.

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