1. Making a Life Insurance Policy is this allowed for a Muslim?
  3. Most of our muslim families are celebrating BIRTHDAY`S. Could u pls explain us in detail with the reference`s of Hadeeth & Quran.
  4. Is it okay to hang up pictures or put up picture frames in our homes consisting of People and/or animals.
  5. I need to know about pictures and drawing.
  6. Quran says us not to the kill children out of want as allah provides for us and the children....and alhamdulillah allah has provided us well...
  7. If a muslim brother in his restaurant/hotel serve alcohol and doesnot take that money for himself is it still gunah and haram?
  8. Can a woman pray with nail polish on her fingers, is it allowed?
  9. I am a teenager boy aged 18 and have a question to ask and advice needed on a very crucial issue which is troubling me. It is about "masturbation"
  10. Is there any way under islamic law where one is permitted to commit suicide?
  11. How do i avoid backbiting and how do i repent
  12. Cant stop watching pornographic pictures
  13. People come to make their pants short. So I do I make their pants usually to the shoes
  14. I want to know your view about life insurance policy.
  15. A friend of a mine told me that wearing jordan shoes are haram
  16. I want to know that is it Haram in Islam abortion in the 40 days of pregnancy ?
  17. I want to know that is it Haram in Islam abortion in the 40 days of pregnancy ?
  18. Please answer these Questions for me ,,, 1) is watching prono movies haram in islam 2) if a person says his 5 times prayer and attend Tabligi jamat is he allowed to watch prono movies? 3) is it allowed for a married couple to watch prono movies? 4) is it sin for a wife to refuse to watch prono movies with her husband? Thanks..
  19. I am alhumdulillah engaged to my cousin brother,as he lives in a foreign country
  20. I have heard that giving shape to your eyebrows is prohibited in islam

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