1. I was wondering if you would possibly be able to help me with the topic of music...I have been told by some that music is haram
  2. Im a 18 yr old gurl,about to be a tradition, the bride has to get her eye browz done,is this permissible?is it ok to use lenses?
  3. We are having big debates and confusion about video graphy. Now a days here many islamic lectures are being recorded in video in the mosques. Many are in favour of it and few are not favouring it.
  4. Taking family photographs is allowed in islam if not what is the punishment for both photographer and the person whose photograph has taken
  5. Well my question is that is singing song (for women)prohibited in islam?
  6. I am a doctor and living in China. I have 2 questions:1) One of my chinese friend, a muslim friend wanted to know that where does TATOOING stand in Islam. Means is it allowed in islam or not to have a tatoo on our body?
  7. Is there any explicit ayat or hadith which EXPLICITLY prohibits masterbation, like zina, murder etc. If there are no such explicit instructions, can this not be treated as mubah, or at the most makrooh?
  8. If idol worship is haram in islam ,do u think bowing /kissing of graves of our dai is legal
  9. Please let me know whether kissing a grave is permitted or not.And if not,then why?
  10. I am using several pirated software in my PC can you advice me whether this is allowed in Islam.
  11. Did one has to pay kuffara if one plucks hair from upper lip during ihram.
  12. I heard the Messenger of Allah (saws) saying; "Angels (of Mercy) do not enter a house wherein there is a dog or a picture of a living creature
  13. Possible to curse people
  14. Is it right to make fun out of people and if someone does what kind of punishments will they get.
  15. I hve one question i want to ask u tht im in love with one guy his name is ALI he also loves me n he spoke to his parents abt u tht he wants to marry me n we r planning to marry after i complete my studies i wan to ask u tht is loving someone prohibited in islam n if yes so u tell me wat should i do plz help me i truely love him n he also
  16. My question on what occasions can a man hit his wife & did our prophet ever do so?
  17. My question is i work as a hair braider i do women braids with weave is it haram if you realy depend on it to feed your family.
  18. I am the owner of a printery and living in a multi-religious country ( Trinidad and Tobago)..I would like to find out whether it permissible for me to print pictures of idols, dieties, that non muslims worship, alcholic beverages, advertisements, pronography and any related things that muslims have been prohibited from doing?
  19. 1. Can we eat Mushroom 2. Can we do prayer by wearing shirt, dress having the symbols of Animals or humanbeing For example. Polo company Shirt which has horse and a person sitting on it with a bat
  20. My close firend was wondering if it says anywhere in the Holy Quran that smoking is haraam. Smoking Cigarettes, and weed.

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