1. I am an overseas student from Melbourne Australia. I am working as a customer service asistant-cum-kitchenhand in a restaurant which basically is a fast casual restaurant whose main business is on what is called as burritos
  2. My question is about perfume,Is it pemissible to apply perfume if yes what kind of perfume please explain.
  3. Is there any specific month/day etc that we cannot get into marriage or all these are false notion
  4. Can one donate her egg?
  5. Is sparkling cider wich says 100% apple juice and non-alcoholicwine?
  6. I want to know about Alchoholic perfume
  7. In reference to Question No.4514 So what would one say to other forms of activites, such as Pool or Foose ball?
  8. I want to ask this...can we have tatoos on our body,not the ones with faces and animals...just the simple ones
  9. I got married some 4 months back and alhamdulillah my wife is 3 and 1/2 month pregnant. but in scanning the doctor said that the baby is not completly formed yet in the womb
  10. Are Video Games Haram?
  11. We are aware that smelling, drinking, touching, or looking at alcohol is haram, but we aren't sure if he builds the bar that it is haram.
  12. It is forbidden to play chess .if this is correct .my doubt is why is chess prohibited?
  13. According to the criteria of hijab women should not wear tight clothes ,that means it should not reveal the body figure .
  14. What are the consequences according to Islam when one bad mouths or uses obscene, vulgar or bad words just to entertain the company?
  15. Are men allowed to wear gold?
  16. Is it haraam to get money from the bank for free? Is it haraam to keep pictures for memory?
  17. Is it haram if you lie to your current employer to take a day or an afternoon off to go to a job interview
  18. Can you throw some light on MAATAM . how did it originate. and whether or not muslims are allowed to do MAATAM. is there any mention of MAATAM in the holy Quran
  19. I am talking about deodarnts. They have Alcohol in them.
  20. I have a T-shirt which has small English Premier logo of lion which is full black in colour, in front and back. Can i say my namaz in this T-shirt

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