1. You have earlier mentioned that listening to music which is related to indecency, fahisha, love etc. is prohibited. Our famous singer the late Mohammed Rafi I heard was a very religious person.
  2. Vanill extract is mde of alcohol. Is that haram to eat these products?
  3. I just read the hadith supporting your answer to a question for hair treatment and falls hair growing.
  4. What about shaking hand with a woman who do not understand Islam.
  5. Brother I would like to ask a question, that is, is it haram to eat or drink in silver utensils, if so please give me a proper hadith relating to the same.
  6. Can i make and sell leather - skirts, mini skirts, panties.
  7. A muslim who smokes
  8. Is listening to music is haram????? and i saw in one website that using taf is allowed for womens and it is haram for mens... IS IT TRUE??????????
  9. Which surah of the says that mourning after 3 days is not permissible? we as Muslims must not mourn as it hurts the dead. is that right?
  10. Is it permissable for men to wear gold/white gold in form of ring or wrist watch?
  11. What bible says about the pig (meat).
  12. There is a type of folk dance in Middle East countries named Belly Dancing, mostly shown after Desert / Dune Safaris. The lady dances by moving her belly and showing most of her body.When I contested this my friends say it should be looked as an art?
  13. Can women enter kitchen after intercourse
  14. If its true that your not allowed to talk when you are in the toilet.
  15. I`m working at company that owns hotels and i`m working with them as an owner representative engineer.
  16. I have recieved once a hadith regarding the prohibition of chess playing in islam.
  17. Firstly i would like to know why is alchohol prohibited. What is the reason behind it?
  18. Can women cut hair.Can they shape and set the eyebrows.
  19. It is said that some stones (after wearing in the fingers) are helpful in the treatment of some particular diseases.
  20. Can you please throw light on the concept of "Tarot Cards". Is Reading or Practicing or believing in Tarot Cards a form of Shirk.

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