1. 1) Clicking photographs. Obviously its haraam. So what should be done for that. So many times i am not able to stop people to click my pics.the fact that photographs are used for identity purposes(eg passport) i know InsaAllah Almighty will forgive that part; but what about all those pics clicked for fun.
  2. My question, is it ok to wear perfume with alcohol content, can i pray namaz in it, please guide
  3. 1 Why songs are not allowed to listen in islam? 2 Now a days we have "Naat" with modren back round music is ok to listen?
  4. Ive never been to any palmist and astrologer so far until wen one of my friends took me to an astrologer for fun sake..
  5. I have never consumed alcohol in my life nor do I ever want to
  6. Does this also apply to people who pluck just in the middle of their eye brows
  7. He works for a company that sells music cd and tapes.
  8. Is it halal for a muslim to wear a shoe made out of pig`s skin.
  9. Can i Keep mannequins in my workshop to drape them and take pictures to display on internet
  10. I want to know that is the insurance business as a career permissable in Islam.
  11. Clarification :Heela of Bani Israel
  12. We are engaged in social work within the community and one of the projects taken up is the `Donation of Eyes` after death.
  13. We just had a baby 3 months ago and it was a scissorian
  14. As far as I am aware, we should not play games with betting.
  15. Tawaveej is not allowed as it is Shirk
  16. I know it`s not allowed to pluck eyebrows for a women.
  17. Is it permissible for a devout muslim, married woman to shake hands with men other than her husband?
  18. What is the punishment for those who masturbates.
  19. Upon death can a muslim donate body parts for transplanting into other human beings.
  20. I am well aware of all the sayings and rules of ISLAM about music but if still i am not able to do away with the habit of listening music

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