1. I would like to ask u that beer is haram. one of my friends told me that it is good for health.
  2. Are the pistures taken by camera for ourselves and family also sinful, or only the pictures drawn?
  3. Which metals are allowed to wear by men?
  4. I have a question regarding keeping of pigeons.
  5. What is the status of Homeopathic Medicines in Islam.
  6. Can a bald head person can wear a wig ? can a bald head person can do hair transplant? can we colour our hairs?
  7. 1. Hair transplant (from the back of the head is transplanted to the top and around) 2. Using a wig to hide the current hair status. 3. Hair grafting (placing and fixing artificial material that looks like hair).
  8. Is it ok for a girl to practise/work as a doctor as they have to touch male patients.
  9. Will it be lawful in Islam if a lady who has got married and has children wants to donate one of her ovary to such a needy lady?
  10. Plz clarify on dogs at home, angels of mercy, and more importtantly about imam mahdi as he says that mahdi means reformer but he is not an individual.
  11. Q.1: I am a 35 year old woman with three kids under the age of five years. After the birth of my third child I decided to use family planning to give myself time and space and recover from having three kids in five years of my marriage.
  12. Regarding women applying perfume is not permissible when she is going out.
  13. I have heard a hadith that the Prophet SAWS has said that there will come a time when people among his Ummah will make liquor, silk (for men), fornication and musical instruments halal.
  14. Someone told me recently that PICKLES (food item) which is widely used in india, pakistan e.t.c is haram or makrooh.please kindly clarify this.
  15. I would like to know if any person unlawfully ate the money of other people will the victim will be recompensed in hereafter.
  16. Its been 9 months since i got married and moved to London, after moving here i found out that my husband use to visit porn sites
  17. I have heard people saying that pregnancy can be avoided even with out the use of condoms(which is haraam).
  18. Are we allowed to keep photoframes of Mulla's, Artifacts which resembles human faces, figures or statue at home for interior decorations ?
  19. I want to ask that Nasheeds, Humd and Naat are allowed in Islam ? Is ok to listen Qaseeda Burdah Shareef ?
  20. Eat rabbit or hare as it is said that its good for health but i wanna know can i eat it or is it not permissable

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