Interest (Riba)

  1. The indian banking industry is based on interest system. please let me know in the light of quraan and hadith whether working in the banking industry is halaal or haraam.
  2. I took out a student loan. I was planning to get the loan paid off before it started bearing interest.
  3. My boss want me to open an account in which i will get the profit of 3% per year
  4. In Saudi Arabia that a scholar has passed a Fatwa that taking home loans and paying interest on such loans is acceptable.
  5. I congraulate him for his new car and he ask me if i can go head and get my self one with very low interest rate.
  6. This is about riba.
  7. The interest which i receive from the bank, can i give it to a Madrasat or an islamic school.
  8. I would like to know what does islam says about getting Loans from financial institutions thats charge interest on it.
  9. Is Installment is haram?
  10. I have a query regarding Home Loan.
  11. I want to business by taking loan from a bank and paying immediatly as i earn my from that business.
  12. Is it right to take loans and contruct a hous?.usage of credit cards?
  13. I knew in islam it is forbidden to take the interest on money
  14. On this issue of Haram and Halal income I have a query. Basically its about working for a Health/Medical Insurance company.
  15. Why intrest is haram?
  16. I have availed of a home loan thru a bank which is obviously based on interest and have realised the sin which I have landed myself in.
  17. I would like to know if that profit that I made is Halal
  18. I have taken a interest free loan .
  19. I took the morgage to buy the house and now I am experiencing hardship there is no burkat in my buisnes
  20. As far as india is concern people who are working in banks out there save there side by saying that we are living in a country

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