Interest (Riba)

  1. I am resident of Canada and paying a large amount of money in shape of rent.
  2. Can he buy some property of Rs 10 lakhs on his name before paying back that loan?
  3. I would like to ask on behalf of my freind who is working in a medical insurance company.
  4. A person borrow a loan of Rs.100,000/- from Bank and sign terms & condition which includes the return procedure and interest of this amount.
  5. If a man earns thru halal means but adds some interest money to the earnings, does it make the whole lump sum haraam.
  6. Iam working as an outsourced employee for a bank in uae. my job profile is to promote credit cards to the customers for an MNC bank.
  7. Sometimes it is hard to find an account that doesn`t take and give interest. i am a sister who has been on hajj and i generally speaking, try to follow islam the best that i can. but recently, i have realised that i feel distant from allah.
  8. Please can you enlighten me with regard to health insurance.
  9. I am planning to buy a new car, but I don`t have money to pay in lumsum, can I go for installment through bank,some Islamic Finance Banks are also there but they charge more than what normal bank charge as interest. we have one mulavi saheb I check with him, he said If both the parties are not involved in profit and loss then everything is haram.
  10. I am working in a Software company. But i am working on the Banking project . We are taking food ,using cars , using telephones from the bank. I am at Client side.
  11. How does Riba have anything to do with a man marrying his mother?
  12. My husband recently bought a house in India and half of the sum we could afford to pay up and the rest half we are having to pay by taking a loan from the bank.
  13. If suppose someone is interested in pursuing a career in Islamic Bank which is an evolving sector and in order to learn the intecracies of banking and to expose himself with the conventional banking he joins a conventional bank with a clear intention that he is doing this only for a limited period so that he can learn about this condition would this working in conventional bank (whose functioning is based on interest) be haram for him?
  14. In Islam a mortgage is not allowed so what will be the best way around it.
  15. Kindly advise Islamic view on working in Insurance Companies.
  16. Brother is it true. I`m very much concern about this because Allah will not accept the prayers and recitation of the person whose everything is Haram.
  17. Well brother i know that give and take of interest is riba.
  18. 4)Why in shariah giving and taking interest on money haraam,
  19. Is it right to buy a life insurance policy?
  20. Since mutual funds do not guarantee any fixed returns, can moslems invest in them?

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