Interest (Riba)

  1. Profit interest from bank lawful or unlawful.
  2. Is paying interest riba forbidden too.
  3. Intention to leave riba.
  4. But still one thing is not clear that if there are some needy muslims and also non-muslims family around there, then is it permissible to give that interest amount to that muslim family.
  5. Take loan pay interest riba.
  6. Take loan mortgage for house.
  7. Riba repentance.
  8. Can we use the money earned in interest through banks (which we have never touched for our personal use) be used to pay this interest that they are demanding?
  9. What you say about investment in those mutual funds who invested the pool of funds in Bank and Financial Statements whose business mainly depends on interest.
  10. Modern day banking interest is like tijarat therefore mlolana usuf ali and alazhar university consider this halal.
  11. Pls tell me that this additional amount (60,000) is Hallal for me or Haram?
  12. Difference between usury and interest.
  13. In my country it is mandatory for employers to make a deposit of a certtain percentage of the salary of employees in a Fund called Employees` Provident Fund.
  14. Riba mortgage house.
  15. My question to you is that. I know that Ribaa or interest is haram and so is everything associated with it.
  17. Pay bank charges from interest riba.
  18. Take house as collateral gurantee.
  19. Working insurance sector.
  20. Joining any savings scheme is allowed in Islam or not? You will ofcourse get back an increase form these schemes what some call intrest and some claim it is not.

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