Interest (Riba)

  1. I know that getting loan from anybody by paying interest is haraam. but in this calculating world nobody is ready to help anybody by giving a loan without expecting for interest.
  2. Can one pay interest on a loan from the interest one may earn from any source. Since interest is haram one can not use it for personal use but can it be used to pay interest that is due. In our place there are no Islamic banks and I have to avail loans for my business.
  3. Interest is haraam in Islam then why people say that It depends upon situation.
  4. Complicated decision regarding whether or not to buy a home through "Islamic Financing".
  5. Is Islamic Finance, Banking, Insurance accordingly to the laws of Shari`ah??
  6. Is life Insurance allowed?
  7. Now we would like to dispose of the property. Because the land was purchased with interest
  8. I would like to know about interest, as u mentioned interest can be given to any charity or to the poor people, my question is can i give this interest to my relatives who are in poor condition now
  9. Now I need a guidance from you about the loan.Because of some groups told it is Halaal and some told that it is Haraam.
  10. My question is that I am geting intrest from bank can I print Islamic books and distribute or I can buy copies of Quran and distribute or what is the best way to give intrest money.
  11. My question is brother I have Bank Account which I got there amount of money as a saving for me. At the end of each month they add for me same very small amount of interest.
  13. I wanna know that is bank`s and insurance company`s job is right from islamic point of view as many people say that actually we r not taking interest but taking just the salary by the bank or insurance company as we`ll take in any other job
  14. L have to pay atleast 150,000 Rupees income tax ..which will be thirty percent of my salary .. if i take a home loan the interest on the loan will be taken from the income tax i pay
  15. Car on Installment basis?
  16. I know it is haram to keep the interest given by my bank. I will be highly obliged if you can guide me how to get rid of this unwanted interest. Can I give it in charity to help some muslim? Also if taking Life Insurance Policy is valid?
  17. House on Loan Mortgage Interest
  18. ) i am in need of money and im not taking loan from a bank coz i knw tht then i`ll have 2 pay inerest for tht.but i knw tht i can pay it easily later on.
  19. Is insurance legal?
  20. Housing on interest

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