Interest (Riba)

  1. Is Company leased car permissible?
  2. Can we re-interpret Riba with Usury?
  3. Is Gambling and Interest haraam?
  4. How to live without paying Interest (Riba)?
  5. Gambling: Is gambling haraam, I know that it is haraam as everybody says that. Can you explain me how? Any basis of everybody saying gambling haraam.? Interest: I myself do not take interest but once in a time it happens in the business that I have to pay somebody and I have to take a loan. I cannot get the money immediately from anywhere Interest free. What do I do? Request him that I am a muslim and Interest is haraam for me. He will not bother at all as for them Interest is money and does not matter what we have to say. Muslims know the true religion but they are the worst followers. Look at our Sydena? He is such a religious person? Does he not fear Allah and does he not know that he is doing against the religon? What about Christians, Jews and so many millions of other people each their own religion.?Are all these people wrong? And only you are right? Will they go to Hell? What about Hindus? If you go and tell them that read this book as this is the right religion then would they just take the word and start reading and understanding it? What do I teach my children: Bohrism is wrong. But they will ask me that father what are you following? And what should I do? I myself do not know what to follow with all the above examples of these best known people to the world. Whose examples I am suppose to follow? I am a God fearing person and I know Allah is one and I know that our community is wrong and I never followed them. But I would like to keep away from the deepness of the deen. At the end it just matters to me that I have to be a good person even without knowing all this.

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