Interest (Riba)

  1. Buying house on mortgage
  2. What is riba clarification?
  3. Can one leave the interest money in the bank?
  4. What are the Etiquettes of doing Business as per the Prophet?
  5. Can one give interest as taxes to government?
  6. Defence saving schemes interest
  7. Training in interest based bank
  8. Studying the concept of Riba-Interest
  9. Working in Banks, Loans and Interest
  10. Interest on differed payment
  11. Riba under any circumstances
  12. In the present situation how can we avoid Riba?
  13. Is interest money haraam?
  14. Assalam-o-Alaikum. First of all Praise be Allah who gave you the Saadat of doing this Honorable thing, and secondly May Allah give you ajar for doing helping others understanding Allah`s Deen better. I was reading your Q&A on interest and I came across this .. Hadrat Ali ibn Abu Talib (a.s.) heard Allah`s Messenger (saws) curse those who took usury, those who paid it, those who recorded it, and those who refused to give sadaqah. I am concenred with the part saying "who recorded it", because I am an accountant by profession and my company unfortunately uses pays regular amounts of tax on the money it uses with bank. My bookkeeping duties include keeping track of it and recording it for accounting purposes. Does this mean I`m doing wrong?. I thought acocuntancy was a Halal profession. May Allah give you ajar for your efforts. Allah hafiz Faisal
  15. Business/loans from banks
  16. Mullahs taking interest
  17. Profit on land trading before actual buying
  18. Can one pay Interest?
  19. Your reply to me about interest was totally out of line. I asked if we can re-interpret riba as usury and not as interest, as understood in the present western world. And all you could do was to bore me with how Quraan condemns riba, as if we dont already know this. Is riba the same as interest, as understood in the modern western world? If so, I maintain that all financial transactions involve interest, rent, leasing and trade included. If it is usury then, it should be as Quraan says, rightly condemned
  20. Investement fixed returns on rent/lease

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