1. I studied somewhere that if we read the below DUA for 12 days..continuously.
  2. Our prayers should be pure and with out any greed or meaning of getting something as a remuneration of these prayers.
  3. I have seen some Duaa about debt in your bestowed forum .. and i have a humble request that can you please get me those Duaa in Arabic.
  4. Dua supplication for righteous child.
  5. Miscarriage child asks for mercy.
  6. Seek intercession of moulvi.
  7. Correction dua debt.
  8. When do i need to read my after salah supplications and invocations in the case when there is a established sunnah prayer after the fard prayer to be prayed like in the case of salatul zuhr, magrib and isha?
  9. I request u to read Durood at least once now and send this to all the Muslims u know inshallah you will get sawab.
  10. Im a little shy person and i feel shy to ask question to people about secrets. but i feel u can help me inthis. iv been married for around 8 years im a father of a child. But recently i came to know that we have to say dua before intercourse.
  11. Is PLS accounts "Jaize" or "Haram". What is the dua for "Astikhara".
  12. Please tell me what prayers I should recite for the success of a business project.
  13. I have question about FATTHYIA and I went all DARGHA also.
  14. I have to read Ayyat Kareema it 115,000 times.
  15. In my prayers, can i ask Allah to have a change in heart in her parents heart.
  16. Could you kindly inform me what prayer or Dua I should make to God in order that they become religiously.
  17. I have taken a solemn promise that I will donate 5% of whatever I personally profit from the business project will go to charity.
  18. Which surah one must read to get rid of loans and to become rich.
  19. Dua for the sucees(taraqque) in business.
  20. Dua after tasbih

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