1. I have a friend who is very religious. He prays 5 times a day and reads the quran and trys to follow islam as much as possible.
  2. "can we make dua in sajda"? if yes, it must be done in arabic or any language?
  3. I just want to ask u that reading durood shareef among women in a get together is acceptable in islam or not
  4. Can you tell me any dua for the following: 1 . Become Wealthy, 2. Get a Job, 3. Be content with life (Contentment)
  5. I am a married muslim girl. I have been told there is a Dua we should say before husband and wife relationship.
  6. I want to know if it is right to make dua for Health, Emaan and career of one who falls in prohibited degree of marriage for person making dua
  7. I read in some book that messenger(SAWS) said that whoever says "la ilaha illa allahu wahdahu la shareeka lahu, lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu wa huwa ala kulli shayin qadeerun". 100 times will get reward of manumitting ten slaves 100 good deed,sins will be added and remitted. it will be a shield from satan from that day till night.
  8. Pray Durood taj if childless
  9. Can you plz tell if this manner of asking dua is correct or not
  10. I wanted to know saying Laeilaha Illal laho 3 times after every namaz is permitted or not. Was this done by Prophet (saw).
  11. I have currently found out that a sister who was close to me has bin living in sin with her boyfriend, whom her parents disagree to as he is a non muslim
  12. I keep tasbi with me so that shaitaan should not divert me . is counting on tasbi is bidaa
  13. What r the exat words to be said while sending darood to NABI and others.
  14. I was told by someone that saying Iniyamanto-Berabekum while switching light on is beneficial and a good deed, is this true?
  15. My question is some people who have much knowledge of Holy Quran gives some particular ayaah to read if we are in some trouble and tell the no. of time to be read and time when to read.
  16. Can u say any quranic duaa which we can supplicate before our own duaa so that it be qabul fast?
  17. If our destiny is in Allah hand how do u explain ur minnats for things which is not in ur naseeb
  18. Bro` we are of pakistani descent and in pakistan especially in azad kashmir from where my family come from, on thusdays` there is a tradition of doing khatam.
  19. May Allah reserve to you and your team a place in Janna is there du`a for anxiety?
  20. Dua of Hajjat

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