1. Is it that for woman if they tie their hair (make jooda) and say namaz their namaz will be invalid.
  2. Your Hadith received for artificial hair was enlightening, can you can give us some information on Hair grooming for women, is it accepted for the women of Islam to cut or trim , color their hair.
  3. Can doctors look at womens satr
  4. I want to know whether Islam permits women to attain professional qualification and go out for a job. I myself observe hijab and am working in a Public Sector Organisation in Mumbai, India.
  5. I have read most questions about postmeenstrual discharge, but none about premenstrual. Are they treated as same.
  6. I don`t know if some red spot passed through urine after that but pad was dry.In that case Should I break the fast and take bath again or continue the fast.
  7. 1: are females created for fulfilling the needs , shehwaaat and desires of men?
  8. 1)_Does women have mani
  9. Is Niqab compulsory?
  10. In mosque some ladies come with the abaya with smelling of bukhoor , is it permissible this scent on the clothes while praying.
  11. How many times do we have to wash the najis(the dress which we used during menstural time or intercourse)clothes?
  12. I am a muslim 18year old living in an english area. i wear hijaab and jilbaab and currrently suffering from depression.
  13. She needs to do a smear test next week. This involves inserting a speculum (long instrument) inside the vagina.
  14. Nowadys mostly every day i feel like doing sex i dont know y & i have to satisfy myself by my own. Is it harram in Isalm or what?
  15. I was wondering if Acrylic nails (fake nails, not too long) on women are permitted?
  16. A friend of mine wonders why a girl can`t pray on her period if it is a normal, natural thing from God himself
  17. Will husbands get thier wives in Aakhrat?
  18. Whether women are allowed to visit muslim graves
  19. Is there any problem or punishment if a lady drink her own milk unintentionally
  20. I would want to know what really i should be doing during my term from a religious point of view.

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