1. Is make-up prohibited in Islam?
  2. My problem is my husband. From the first year of our marriage he had depended on me working as supporting the family financially
  3. I want to ask about the ghusl of the women after mensturation.
  4. ``Allah says `` Make yourselves most beautifull when you come to the mosk
  5. Are women allowed to visit the grave yard?
  6. Can a women see other women nude......or it is a sin......?
  7. In the period of menstruation can a women recite the Holy Quran with out touching?
  8. My Mestural period lasts sometimes more then 7 days...I`ve heard from someone, that after 7 days of your period
  9. Is it necessary for woman to wash all her long hairs after janabah ?
  10. Is allowed for a woman to particpate in sport activities
  11. I had a miscarriage recently andeven after 1month i still notice some blood fibres coming out during urination and intercourse.
  12. I am not trying to be disobediant, I have just been thinking about this hijab thing.
  13. I did not understand how it is that a Muslim woman must be covered from her chest up to her knees only?
  14. Saleh(good ) men have marks of sujud on their forehead what is the sign of good woman?
  15. Does a woman has to cover her feet while praying
  16. I have heard through some people that the voice of a woman is not to be heard by men.
  17. Is it true that women do not have to go to the mosque, but men HAVE to?
  18. I have plants at home, but someone recently told me that when I am having my periods I should not touch my plants
  19. Is it obligatory for women to cover their feet during prayer
  20. My sister sitting in Iddah, she is living in a circle with her husband`s brother`s families surrounding.

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