1. In the following paragraph I have posted her set of challenges, please Brother, help me answer her impersonally and rationally. She needs to be convinced by Qur'an & hadith, that women do not have a low station in Islam as depicted in some cultures.
  2. Why can a woman not Fast when she is menstruating? Why can a woman not Pray when she is menstrutaing?
  3. Is it permissible in Islam for a woman to not hide her face and arms if she is dwelling in a non-Islamic society?
  4. I volunteered to do a first aid training course at work so as to be able to help people who may need any sort of emergency medical attention at work.
  5. Become a slave.
  6. Can a Muslim women work as a teacher?
  7. My question to your good self is how far does Islam permits a women to mix her up with the family member like mine.
  8. What should wife do if blamed?
  9. Does the husband have the right to control his wife's money.
  10. If husband insists to shape eyebrows.Kindly guide us in this regard.
  11. Women respond to men salam.
  12. What if bread winner is woman.
  13. Visit non mehram sick.
  14. Women remove hair on lips.
  15. I am a muslim women and throughout my life I have not really practised Islam like a true muslim.
  16. I have read this fatwa at some website on the money investment of a working lady.
  17. Can a widow Apply henna and upto where and why is that restricted.
  18. I `ve known from other relative mails that women are not allowed to travell without mehrams.
  19. Woman to pray in the room than the lounge or the outdoors.
  20. My wife is DEMANDING a monthly allowance for her expenses.

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