1. How many ear piercings can women have?
  2. Can a woman in iddat attend the wedding ceremony of her daughter
  3. I want to ask, if i have my monthly period, is it halal (ok) to listen to Quran murtal from headphone player or Ipod?
  4. Please advise if I can delay / postpone my mensturation cycle by taking the Pills
  5. I want a wife that is Shrif and who never had a Gare Mehrob in her life
  6. My wife is pregnant and the doctor has forbidden intercourse for the whole pregnancy.
  7. I would like to know if a fast is broken if a woman is releasing discharge.
  8. My period date falls in the last 10 days of ramadan
  9. Can a lady visits her parents grave?
  10. IF prostation was allowed then i would ask wives to prostrate themselves infront of their husbands
  11. I want to know the procedure of a death woman regarding gusal (bath)
  12. Woman was made from the rib of man
  13. I wanna know whether women are allowed to work for social service n earning thru that?
  14. Are women allowed to consult a male doctor like a Obgym or a Gynocologist for confinement or any othe women related medical problems?
  15. What as if a women in her Menstruation go to mosque for the cause of studying tafseer of Quran and tajweed.
  16. I have heard that when an infant/child cries at night and if his/her mother comforts the child then she will have the same reward as that of releasing a slave....is this true...?
  17. I never used to touch the quran while in mensuration. but last year i started taking quran classes where i learned that ablution is not absolutely compulsory to read the holy quran from the book itself (and not by reciting).
  18. Iam 20 years female,,,,not married..but my engament is over past 2 years....and going to get married in few months.but my breast size has not increased
  19. I know that wacthing pronograghy is not allowed and it is strickly prohibited in islam but i want to know whether womens can wacth the naked photos of other womens
  20. In Islam, what are the times that a women is considered to be in her menses? Is menses just times of heavy bleeding or does it also include small droplets (spotting)?

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