1. Women hair cut.
  2. Bleeding after childbirth.
  3. Are women allowed to see sacrifice.
  4. Apply henna during menses.
  5. Can women enter masjids.
  6. Women and work.
  7. Can woman work and study.
  8. Cover hair face in hijaab.
  9. Cover face in hijab women jobs education.
  10. Why no alimony to wife divorce.
  11. I am a 17 year old girl living in Australia i took my Hijab off nearly7 months ago but since then i have slowly been learning about Islam.
  12. More women in hell fire.
  13. Bohras perform Aarti (vathawwoo) to their Aamil or anyone visit from the kothar including Sayedna on all occasions. It is similar to Aarti, Hindus perform to their Gods and Goddess. WHEN THIS RISAM STARTED AND WHETHER IT CAME IN INDIA FROM YAMEN, CAIRO OR STARTED IN INDIA? Bohra women are allowed to kiss hands and legs of their Aamil, Kothari Shezadas and Sayedna saheb. Is it allowed in Islam. Aamil sahebs of all the Jumaat say that ONLY Bohras, who will accept Sayedna as his/her Rehbar and Dai by heart and accept all his commands without any doubt will surely go to Haven, all others are definitely end in to HELL. Is this true? and why not. If Bohras are not on right path, why the other Islami leaders are always bow down to Sayedna and accept his dini power, rather than challenge him and take some steps to isolate this group like, Ahmadiyahs and others.
  14. Lady working doctor.
  15. Is hijab obligatory.
  16. Hijab and job.
  17. The logic behind womens SHAHADAT being HALF of a mans. Can I / Should I go to Hajj if I have loans outstanding against me?
  18. Permissible for woman to live alone.
  19. Jewelry for woman.
  20. Voluntary worship husband permission.

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