1. Hajj to change name.
  2. Significance of black stone.
  3. Why should we shave our head when we go to Hajj?
  4. Pilgrimage with birth control device installed
  5. My husband bought one house about both names me any my husband, by half of our money and half of bank loan.
  6. Why does the Saudi government stop people from going to Hajj?
  7. Umrah for another.
  8. Umrah pilgrimage for another.
  9. Touch kiss black stone.
  10. Can a womanperform Tawaf without her mehram.
  11. I know islamic ruling for a women to travel without mehram but if a lady has the resources but the mehrams are just not willing to accompany her.
  12. I have a one year old son. Can I go for Hajj or should I have to wait for him to grow and become independent.
  13. Is Hajj more important than the daughters marriage?
  14. 1. I had taken personal loan from HSBC Amanah. which they are saying its islamic finance. I want to know can we rely on this that its Islamic finance.
  15. Where in the Quran is it mentioned Hajj-e-Akbar.
  16. For a child who is just 10 months old, for this child even salah is not compulsory at this age, but if we take him/her for Umrah for the first time.
  17. My question is that should they give sacrifice of a lamb to compensate their mistake.
  18. Is it forbidden to have sex with wife 10 days before Eid Azha.
  19. Some of friends have not performed Haj despite enough resorces and no health problems. How should I explain them about impotance of this important pillar of islam. Waiting for your kind response.
  20. We are going to umrah inshallah and I intend to perform the umrah for my deceased parents(my mother passed away about 6 months ago and I was unfortunate enough not to go and see her knowing that she was in the emergency room and remembering me for 15 days before her death).

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