1. Can I perform umrah for the sake alive peoples or only for dead.
  2. I am working in KSA. As u know that Hajj is being held in next month. Requirement to perform Hajj for working persons is to register with some government authorized persons.
  3. We are full family with three children going this year for hajj-e-mamburur.
  4. My parents are disabled and aged around more than 65 means they cant walk properly and they desire to perform Haj this year
  5. Can I on behalf on them perform the HAJJ and UMRA with performing my own first.
  6. Is if we go for this year hajj with my daughter can its possible. andits important to go for again hajj after matured my daughter
  7. Could you please tell if him taking a loan and sending his father, mother and brother for Hajj is permited and can be performed or not.
  8. I am going for hajj inshaAllah this year, and the date of hajj is probably somewhere around the 30th of December. My menstruation date would be around the same
  9. If we perform umrah after isha prayer and after the completion of saee can we wait to cut our hair after the tahajjud namaz
  10. There is a loan on my Father`s Name and i have taken the responsibility to clear the loan.
  11. I wish to go for Haj Insha Allah but I wish to go along with the group of people who are from my home town.
  12. I might go to perform Haj ,i am in a fix what to pray after imaam as i have never prayed namaz in congregration.
  13. I am planning to go for hajj this year with my brother as my husband is not ready yet
  14. How To Perform UMMRAH?
  15. We(my wife and kids) are planning to go on umrah,This will be our first time there and I have few questions
  16. Woman go to umrah alone?
  17. I want her to perform hajj with my money and my mother brother is in dubai doing well there
  18. I want to do ummrah so i don`t know how to make full Ummrah
  19. Please explain when Tawaf Al Wida (Farewell Tawaf) is obligatory.
  20. Meeqat for people Leaving in Mecca

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