1. The desire for more.
  2. How to avoid jealousy.
  3. Swear oath in Allahs name.
  4. 2) Is cricket watching and playing is haram. Your quick response will highly appreciated.
  5. Being a Muslim and praying all 5 times a day, additionally Sunnah prayers also, indeed I do agree there is no rebirth for any individual past, present or anyone born in future also. However approximately 20 years back, I read in a knowledge bank book about the topic of rebirth. In Bangalore, India there was an interview with some people of a prestigious institute for mental sciences. These people they claim were able to remember details of their previous birth like place of residence, names etc. (I don`t remember which all other details) and on verification they were found to be correct. So could you kindly throw light on how this is happening? It is indeed very mysterious.
  6. Envy interfere and jealous.
  7. "There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) Health and free time for doing good."
  8. The under mentioned hadith is send by my friend, It is indeed interesting to know that Sunday is considered the first day of the week in Islam.
  9. Is is permissible for an adult man to kiss and fondle a young boy in Islam?
  10. Is it allowed to wear expensive watches if they do not contain any gold,silver or diamonds.
  11. Is it correct that ek doosre ki nazar lagti hai,yahan tak ki maa ki nazar apne bacche ko bhi lagti.Please specify.
  12. Ive listened to a lecture and it explains that a neighbor of Mohammad actually put a spell on him.
  13. Revert legal certificate.
  14. Chain letter.
  15. Whether Islam permits adopting a child ...? if so what is the procedure..?
  16. I am 18 year collage going girl from middle class family staying in Bombay. I have one brother 23(sure I love him) and a sister 12. We are muslim and in my opinion we are religious people. We believe in god and pray NAMAZ in order to establish relation with our lord and do good deeds to please him. My parents pray five times aday, they have performed haj and we do fast in ramdan.All those years this family was living in peace and happiness and had no problems.
  17. How a person will be responsible for, even by knowing the leader/ guardian/ parent is misleading the path, he/she keeps following him/her?
  18. Pls explain in details that the parents duty to thr child.
  19. Is it haram to cage birds?
  20. Can you mention some ayats or sura for people who are ill and want to seek forgivness from allah and tazbih too.

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