1. I have no intend to fight with any religion or hurt someone my only intention is to know the truth or the fact and a fact can be answered in YES and NO.
  2. Do the tings we do on the first day of muharram effect the whole year?
  3. Is it permissible to carry Quran-Al-Kareem on Phones.
  4. My Question Is Can A Women Take The Name Of Her Husband & Speak.
  5. I have to get married right after Eid-ul-Fitr, i need to build house.
  6. Now i want my money only reason that they have money to give others but not close relative...his family doesnt know nor my parents abt my money being taken..
  7. 1) How do we identify if we have got arroganance (insolant) "Takkabur" ("Ghammand") within ourself.
  8. My mother I am noticing tat she is not keepin well some time back she had got a big boil which was very severe some how it got cured with medication as well as i was reading sure yaseen and Mansil and use to blow at her by gettin her in my imagination other wise dr. had said for an operation for it. now after tat thing she had her fluctuating B.P. thing after that now on the 11 th july she had an head injury due to which she had a clot and her right hand is paralysed please please help wat is this all hapenning and how can we prevent it futher and any cure for my mum other tan the medical treatment.
  9. My daughter is 8 yrs. old. I send her to non muslim girls` homes to play with, since there`s no muslim family living close by. I know it`s best for her to go to muslim families but under present circumstances , I have no choice. I know those families pretty well, but I`m not satisfied inside.Am I doing wrong? Please guide me in the light of Quran & sunnah.
  10. Dear brother, I am a little confused about something. In the Quran, in various parts, it says something along the lines of "Whatever good is from Allah alone, whatever bad is from mankind" or something similar to that.
  11. I know we aren`t supposed to question Allah`s doings, however, its human nature to wonder. If Allah makes arrangement for the tiny ant`s food, what I want to know is that then why do so many people die out of starvation in the world? Why are there so many people without shelter?
  12. I would like to know the way of treatment for jadoo or any other disease through Aalim Hazarat and their knowledge.
  13. Now I want to pay all the expenditures that my late friend have made to the family of the owner's family in. How Can do this islamically???
  14. Should we boycott USA products?
  15. 1. Some time back one of my cousins was very ill and my aunt (His`s father`s sister) who loves him very much made a Niyyat that once he recovers from his illness she will at her own cost send him to Hajj. My cousin recovered from his illness. My question is ` Is this a valid Niyyat ?
  16. I dont dont want to work for a bank coz its is islamicaly not right as far as i know.
  17. My husband and I are both working and are earning quite well yet there seems to be no BARAKAT.
  18. In gulf region kids as well as adult celebrate gargaoun
  19. What actually do we mean by ZAWAL WAQT?
  20. I want to know what is kaffarh is Islam

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