1. Is the gain of Rs 5 million made in the month of August 2005 and reinvested in the same month subject to zakat?
  2. Can I give zakat in the construction of a mosque or in the construction of a well?
  3. If a person has a house which she is living in and also has a land, which is of considerable value, but is not generating any income, does she have to pay zakat on that that land too?
  4. Is it ok to only pay zakaat once a retirement annuity matures?
  5. If a person has more than several hudreds pounds to give in zakat (1200).can that person give one hundred pounds every month
  6. When they bear any loss or lose something valuable and they are sure of not getting it back, they say it`s a sadaqa.
  7. I am a widow.I have 4 daughters. Alhumdulillah all are studying. I am totally dependent on my brothers.
  8. I live alone, and i have no my own house and a car. But i saved some money.Do i have to give zakah calculated over my saved money.
  9. We are living in Canada, here we pay Tex on everything..we don`t have enough money for "zakat"..what should we do? If we don`t have enough money to give zakat but we just pay tex then is it ok?..Please reply me soon..I really want to know this thing..
  10. Is it permissible to give Zakat to ones` grandchildren whose father has died leaving no assets behind for their upbringing and education?Their mother has since remarried.
  11. Income tax as Zakah
  12. Income tax and Zakah
  13. Can i use Zakat money to help in marriages of Poor Muslims? Zakat for Education?
  14. Zakah determination
  15. Zakah on loan money
  16. Save money for house
  17. Zakah on gold
  18. Zakat ul fitr
  19. Zakah on house
  20. Zakah housing

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