2. Brother, we understand zakat is compulsory on the physical stock of gold in hand 2 1/2 % but UTI is coming out with the equity/fund scheme.
  3. Where was zakah money used.
  4. On what occasions sadqah can be given.
  5. Please give all the details of Zakat.
  6. I want to ask u that Is ZAKAT and QURBANI farz on me ???
  7. The company where i work gives me a yearly mediclaim of Rs 15000 on medical bills. I have heard that the pharmacies give false bills by taking some commision of say 6% or so on the total amount.
  8. Can Zakat be given to married brothers and sisters? Also, can Zakat be given for home upgradation of brothers, sisters or relatives?
  9. Is Niyaaz important in Islam?
  10. Alhamdulillah, I am now eligible to pay Zakat. A few days have crossed the one year period after which Zakat becomes obligatory.
  11. Please advise whom the profit money will go to.
  12. I have a question about the veil as um a muslim female who is newly moved to the states.
  13. If someone has a building other than his living house and the same is being rented to others. In this case, should he pay Zakat for the whole building or for the income(rent) only ?
  14. I know that If I have money in d bank for a year above $600, I have to pay zakat.
  15. My question to you is that I owe $30000.00 to the goverment i took as a loan for studying. Now i have $10000.00 with me and I have maintained this amount for last one year.alhamdulillah i have got a good job.But my loan payback period has not started yet.
  16. Can Zakat money be given to "madarasa" or for building the "masajid".
  17. On what all Asset we have & who all is to pay ZAKATH .
  18. One more question is : 3 Years back the bank was giving loan which I took and invested the whole amount with one my friends. I am still paying the loan to bank and I will be paying for two more years. The monthly payment is directly deducted from my salary by the bank. Till now no income has been generated from the investment. On this amount do we have to pay Zakah. If we have to pay how to calculate and pay?
  19. Is zakat farz on students? I do work, and i own a car, but i work to pay my tuition off. So is zakat farz on me?
  20. On the question of Zakat, is Zakat due on new wealth created and held for a year or whatever a person possesses at the end of the fiscal year. Specifically my question is if I have a savings of $100 at the end of the fiscal year, zakat would be 2.5% or $2.50. The following year I have not added any new wealth so is the zakat due on $97.50? If I have added another $100 for that year then is Zakat due on $197.50 or just the added savings of $100 for that year.

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