1. Can we give zakat money to a relative to rebilut a demaged house.
  2. Zakah calculations.
  3. Dear Brother, The kothar is now demanding that we pay them an amount over and above the zakat, and they have called it 'khums'. They wanted to collect 20% of my salary, which is just not affordable by me, therefore I had to lie about my salary. Could you please explain to me what is this 'khums' issue in detail, giving evidence from the Quran. Your emails are informative and explains everything giving evidence only from the Quran and the Traditions of our Prophet (saws). Jazak Allah. Brother, I now feel, after reading your sabaqs and answers to the questions, that I must read and understand the words of Allah. I need a translation in easy lay-man English, which will help me understand the message of our Lord. Which one should I read? I hope you reply to my question as soon as possible, as my heart says something is not right with the way we have been practicing our religion in the name of Islam.
  4. I have some money on which rules of zakat are applicable.
  5. I am capable of giving zakat this time.
  6. Given that such generosity also promotes beggary, should that be encouaged.
  7. Is it haraam to invest zakah money in business
  8. Zakah to be paid annually.
  9. I feel to pay Zakat, but there was a debate from among my Muslim colleagues that Zakat to this amount need be paid only when I receive the money in hand.
  10. Can a peron pay his real brother`s debts from his own zakat dues?
  11. Zakah on land produce agriculture.
  12. If someone is giving donations sometimes to needy persons and expecting nothing in return in his daily life.
  13. Charity for Syeds families
  14. Zakah paid by guardian father husband.
  15. Zakah on savings.
  16. Zakah on gold.
  17. Zakah on loans
  18. If we have a particular amount of gold as an asset, wat is the percentage of the amount that should go as zakat..
  19. May I know the condition & requirement of Zakat on business.
  20. What`s the ruling for Zakaah if we plan to give the land for rent?

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