1. , if the wife has recieved ornaments as her wedding gift and from her husband afterwards during marriage is she or the husband liable to pay zakah on it?
  2. Can Zakaat be paid in instalments?
  3. Can we Zakat to any group other than prescribed by allah?
  4. Is the year calculated from the first month of islamic calendar or it can be Ramadan to Ramadan or it can be the financial year which correlates with the year end of one`s business.
  5. I`am 1 of 5 shareholders of a family company. The company is doing very well in it`s business and has large land holdings as assets
  6. I count my zakat is about 5000 rs Can i give zakat to my sister without inform them that this is zakat ?????????
  7. Can u pls explain about zakat-ul-fitr. who is liable 2 pay it?
  8. Alikum i belong with syed(sunni) family, i will be very greatfull if you advice me that can i give zakat to our reletives who is also belong from syed family
  9. Can Zakaat be paid in instalments?
  10. . Is zakat due on the value of property or on its income. Is zakat due on aloan given without interest to help someone.
  11. I had saved money over a period of seven years for my son`s higher education. The money was saved in a education scheme and the funds were transferred to my account in April 2005.
  12. , I had to borrow 7000 from my cousin to pay my 3rd semester fee. So, now I owe my cousin an amount of AUD7000 (Roughly 2.25 lakhs INR)
  13. Would Zakat be qualified for the victims of the India-Pakistan earthquakes? Or contributions for this can only be qualified as Sadaqa?
  14. I own some gold, but as i stay out of country it is being kept safe with my inlaws in a bank locker, for the last 1-1/2 year it is with them only
  15. Actually me and my husband send around $32 to a girl that lives in africa, actually we sponsered that girl through world vision,
  16. I want to know about zakat on stock materials which is lying at our warehouse
  17. I have a doubt on removing zakat money over jewels
  18. I have a doubt on removing zakat money over jewels
  19. I have a doubt on removing zakat money over jewels
  20. I have jewellery that my parents gave me on my wedding. It`s almost 250 lakhs of pakistani ruppees and it`ld be around 250 thousands of canadian dollars

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