1. I want to pay my zakat in this ramazan mubarak. My question is how much zakat am I liable to pay. I pay my wifes zakat also.
  2. Wife responsible for her zakah.
  3. I would like to know whether Zakat has to given only where a person resides like me and my family in germany.
  4. Zakat on precious stones?
  5. Is brother eligible to receive zakah.
  6. Zakah on rent or asset value.
  7. Zakah charity to muslims.
  9. Can you give zakat to a businessman once affluent but now under serious debt burden?
  10. Zakah on rented property.
  11. What is the Zakat on a land that was purchased initially for savings.
  12. Please let me know if I can calculate my zakah and keep it aside to be disbursed at future date.
  13. I just want to ask more about giving Zakah. Does your parents or family members covered with Zakah?
  14. Brother , we have 10,00,000/- of rupees Karz, and also we are paying interest for it.
  15. I am a salaried person. Eversince I have got a job 18 years ago, I am trying to collect money from my savings to buy a house for me and my family.
  16. 1. Do we have to pay zakat on the money invested.
  17. How do you calculate it,i do have knowledge that it is 2.5% of your possessions.
  18. My question is that I have amount of money that reaches Nisab, I used part of it to buy stock.
  19. My Father in low is a retried government officer, Now his family depend only his pension, no other ways for income.
  20. I have purchased another house ( not possessioned yet ) where may be or may be not I will accomedate.

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