1. I converted to Islam recently, and I often get very worried about Judgement Day.
  2. I have to ask the people about whom i backbited on to forgive me.
  3. Is it halal to backbite on a non muslim.
  4. If it is ok to share my sins with someone I know. Or share my sin on your site.
  5. If you recite a certain qurani aayat for 100 times after prayers your sins for the day will be forgiven or something of that sort.
  6. When someone has an abortion even though they didnt want to but the circumstance called for and they were only two months into the pregnancy, how do they seek forgiveness?
  7. What is zinnah
  8. One boy sex with her brother`s wife .wat is the punsishment to them
  9. I`m a non married lady of age 20. there was a person of age 25. who said he will marry me and our family meet and after there talks some problem happen and relation drop now we can`t marry
  10. Is it permitted to read other`s private letters and personal diaries?
  11. I had a boyfriend, I had intercourse with him. I was 14 and I knew it was wrong but I did it. As I was getting older, I was disgusted
  12. Brother its right tht its a sin to aborte but tell us that if a girl doesnt abort tht child so she will not kill her family
  13. I heard a women say that all human beings have been born due to a sin
  14. Do we have the right to kiss our husbands in puplic, and if not why...
  15. What are the major sins?
  16. 2 years before i met a girl in a chatroom who is also a muslim, basically she is from india but presently residing in saudi arabia.
  17. I am 20 years old and i live in teh US. I am trying very hard to stay away from all types of haramm acts but however some times i get so over taken by my lust that i watch pornogrophy and masterbate
  18. I would just like to ask if its true that when a woman gives birth, after all the pain shes been through,that it wipes all her sins away.
  19. I have one friend who is married, we started up as good friends. I started caring and loving her much once she was pregnant and had a mis-carriage
  20. (1)I have a Muslim classmate who wears a chain with a (Christian) cross around his neck, he claims it is for his own reasons and doesnt care what others think. He doesnt seem to understand as to why this is incorrect.could you help me explain to him, or tell me what to say to him?

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